Business Consulting in Langhorne, PA

In our current unpredictable market, it is not uncommon for the profits of small businesses to become stagnant or drop significantly. If you are currently experiencing a decline, call Cotton Reid & Hardin, CPA, for professional business consulting and analysis. We will do our best to find alternative solutions to having to shut your doors! We work with businesses ranging in net worth from $50,000 to $5,000,000 to identify areas that may be negatively impacting profitability and growth. Business consulting allows our experienced CPAs, accountants and bookkeepers to dive deep into your financial records and history to develop practical solutions for future success. Call our consulting and CPA firm in Langhorne, PA at 215-750-5508 to schedule a consultation.

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Financial and Business Consulting Services

Small businesses today face many complex challenges that can threaten their survival. Depending on your market and experience, you may not know the best ways to overcome these difficulties and bring your business to the next level. Our firm is here to help you achieve your goals, navigate through your unique challenges and grow your company. Contact Cotton Reid & Hardin, CPA, today for the following small business consulting services:

  • Litigation Support
  • Expense Reduction Strategies
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • New Business Advisor
  • Business Loan Advice
  • Succession Planning
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Budgets and Projections

Small Business Consultant and Analysis

Our extensive portfolio features a diverse range of businesses which were once struggling financially, but were able to use our consultation services and find success once again. We take the time to sit with you to learn all about your goals and what you envision your business to look like in the next year, two years, even 10 years. This background information allows us to offer sound advice and develop a strategic plan to get your company out of the slump and set you up for future success and growth. With Cotton Reid & Hardin, CPA, on your side, you will enjoy all the benefits of a full-time CFO at a competitive and affordable rate.

Established businesses in need of financial analysis, business advisory consultations, tax planning or any of our accounting services, call our CPA firm in Langhorne, PA today at 215-750-5508. Since inception in 2007, we have helped thousands of clients in the Greater Philadelphia area, Bucks County PA, Montgomery County PA and New Jersey with both business and individual tax and financial assistance. Contact us today to discuss your accounting needs with an experienced CPA.